by Dara Winters on October 04, 2020

🔈 Attention all those interested in plant-based nutrition: Team Tonic's GP, Dr Gemma Newman, is publishing a book! The Plant Power Doctor, Dr Gemma's guide to the radical healing power of a plant-based diet, is out on January 7th 2021 but available for pre-order now. 

Excited? So are we. Interested in finding out why she wrote this book? Us too, so we asked; keep reading to find out more!

Tonic Health: Why did you want to write this book?
Gemma: We need a book about the power of plant based nutrition for the public to be able to read. Many of my patients have experienced tremendous benefits from adopting a more whole food plant-based lifestyle, and there is decades of research to support this approach. Science not communicated is science lost. Put simply, as a doctor, I wanted everyone to be able to access this life-changing information in a way that they could understand. I wanted everyone to be able to follow simple and delicious recipes to change their lives for the better. I wanted everyone to be able to give this book to their loved ones to help them understand how and why a shift towards a plant-focused lifestyle could help them.
TH: Has the current situation impacted the writing process? 
G: It has been an interesting few months juggling our “new normal”, managing patients and writing a book but I firmly believe we need this information now more than ever. This book aims to bring hope, health and happiness to those who read it. I hope the beautiful colour illustrations and images give you a sense of the beauty of the food you can try too. I cannot wait for you to experience it!
TH: And neither can we!
Head on over to Penguin Books to pre-order your copy, and in the meantime don't forget to follow Dr Gemma and Tonic Health on Instagram to stay informed of any and all plant-based and immune system related news!

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