Drink Your Vitamins?

At Tonic, we wanted to shake things up and make high impact drinks that get to work straight away.

Traditional vitamin pills and tablets are old inefficient technology! Comparative studies have shown that in some instances, pills and tablets can only be partially broken down and it can take up to 30mins. Instead of setting the timer and crossing your fingers and toes in the hope your body can break down the tablet to release the full benefit of the ingredients, wouldn’t it just be easier for your body if you could start absorbing immediately? It’s time to cut your immune system some slack!

The other reason we’re crazy about liquids: dose dose dose! If we were to try and make a tablet with 1500mg Vitamin C, 1200 IU Vitamin D and 25mg Zinc, it would be HUGE (perhaps even a 10p coin size). And as much as we’re all about high dose, we really couldn’t see this catching on. Liquid technology allows us to deliver optimal potency of immune friendly vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients so that your body is getting the right dose as quickly and efficiently as possible.


By absorbing loads more of that vitamin-y goodness

Strong immune health depends on getting enough water, quality sleep and the right doses of vitamins and minerals to support your immune system when it’s challenged. To make sure you’re getting the full benefit of those wonderful vitamins and minerals, Tonic makes vitamin C, D and zinc drinks, as liquid form leads to up to 98% absorption, compared to a measly 5-20% in tablets or capsules. Liquids also allow us to pack in over 300mg of plant botanicals, a co-factor for absorption in the body.