Tonic Health Ultimate Bundle - Daily orange, Recover, Boost, Nightime & Flask
Natural Vitamin Drink with Elderberry and Blackcurrant
Natural Vitamin Drink with Cherry and Chamomile
Vitamin Drink in a Glass
Hot Vitamin Drink in a Mug


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Get our complete package with over 2 months supply for all your health & immunity needs.

We never add sugar, preservatives or anything artificial to our drinks. Save £20 and rest easy knowing you're getting nothing but natural goodness.

Bundle includes:

  • 40 Daily Immunity - Orange Effervescent Drinks
  • 10 Max Strength Boost -  Elderberry & Blackcurrant Drinks
  • 10 Max Strength Recovery - Lemon & Honey Drinks
  • 10 Max Strength Night Time - Cherry and Chamomile Drinks
  • 1 Engraved metal flask for your tonic hot or cold
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      Health Made Easy

      We spent years researching what nutrients we need to fuel our days. We then sourced them from sustainable plants and added them to our all natural drinks.

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      More of what you need

      Tablets provide 25% nutrient absorption. Boost that upto 98% with our drinks.

      Feel the Tonic difference.


      Because we are an all in one show stopper. The full range of 11 vitamins, minerals and powerful plants to fuel your immune health. So you don’t have to buy and take 11 different tablets. When you do the maths, we are cheaper per gram of vitamin than anyone. Not to mention, we don’t bulk up our products with fillers and other harmful ingredients that most low cost vitamins do.

      Our daily immunity was made to be taken... well…. everyday, that’s 365 days a year for an optimally fuelled immune system. We have added just the right amount of vitamins, minerals and plants to keep you protected throughout the year. Whilst our high dose boosts and recover drinks are for when you need a pick me up and aren't feeling 100% your best.

      Our Daily Immunity makes for a refreshing cold drink to have in the morning or at lunch time. Our High Dose Elderberry or Lemon can be had hot or cold while our night time is best as a hot soothing cup before bed.

      Our full range tickets all the health boxes. We are:

      - Keto
      - Vegan
      - GMO Free
      - No Added Sugar

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