The Plant Power Doctor Book

As this year has shown us, we never know what's around the corner. But we can make changes to our lifestyle to better support ourselves and our families to move towards optimal health. This book contains valuable tips to help us support our immune system and also the long-term health of our bodies and minds - to help us face whatever life throws at us next.

In The Plant Power Doctor, Team Tonic's GP Dr Gemma Newman offers an accessible, actionable plan, to help you feel empowered to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle so you can heal from the inside out and be at your optimum health.

Plant-powered eating has had a transformative effect on Dr Newman, her family, and her patients. In her first book, Gemma shares the tools and knowledge she has learned from over 17 years’ experience, combining trusted medical evidence with simple eating advice to prevent and aid recovery from a host of common chronic illnesses.

    The Nutritional Fine Print

    You'll only find the clean ingredients, plants and high dose vitamins and minerals inside Tonic. Tonic is always vegetarian and we have vegan friendly products too.

    Tonic Health

    • Science backed high dose
    • All natural & vegan
    • Powerful plants
    • No added sugar
    • High liquid absorption

    Other Supplements

    • Ineffective low dose
    • Contains chemicals and fillers
    • Low quality ingredients
    • Added sugar or artificial sweeteners
    • Low pill absorption

    Immune health

    By absorbing more of what you need

    To make sure you’re getting the full benefit we make our vitamins into drinks, as liquid form leads to up to 98% absorption, compared to a measly 20-30% in tablets. Vitamin drinks also allow us to pack in over 300mg of powerful plants not only for their unique benefits but also as a co-factor for absorption in the body.



    Dr Gemma Newman

    Good nutrition plays a key role in keeping us fit and healthy, but getting the right levels of vitamins, minerals and plants can be difficult when we live such busy lifestyles. Tonic combines the latest science on vitamin dose with some of the most powerful plants available to create the perfect all in one multivitamin drink.

    Sunna - Our Founder

    After getting at least three to four colds every year I decided enough was enough. I spent 5 years studying thousands of scientific papers, talking to immunologists, leading doctors and functional medicine practitioners to come up with a tonic that does just the job to help.

    Emma - Nutritionist

    I have always believed in the power of the human body and wanted to help people reach their full health potential. That's why I joined the Tonic team because their drinks are packed with the highest dose of vitamins, minerals and plants to help people harness the power of their immune system.