Autumn season


As the squirrels gather their nuts in the trees the humans got ready to fight illness with ease.

As the grizzly bears prepare to hibernate the humans ready their immune systems to dominate.

Everyone is familiar with the term getting summer body ready but what about getting winter body ready? Here at Tonic, we have come up with the idea of getting winter body ready, however, the meaning behind it goes beyond just being skin deep. 

Just like bears fatten up for hibernation and squirrels gather their nuts, humans should be prepping for the harsh winter season. The extremely cold temperature, wet weather and dark days that winter brings are conditions that put you at a higher risk of getting sick which is why the peak of cold & flu infections is during this season. 

However, just like a champion fighter who is about to enter the ring, we know how our opponent works and we have the tools we need to win this fight. Our immune systems are our greatest ally and all we need to do is show it some love and it will not only get us through this winter season, but we will be thriving and living life to the fullest.

It takes 8-weeks of taking daily vitamins for your immune system to get to optimal function. We even did a mini clinical trial with the team at Tonic, including a few ambassadors, tested their Vitamin D levels before and after taking a High Dose Immunity drink every day for 8 weeks. And guess what we found? After 8 weeks, on average, our vitamin D levels shot up by 24%!

Some food for thought:

Tonic Health’s high dose vitamin drinks contain 30ug of vitamin D whereas our competitors have only around 5ug of vitamin D. This means that over an 8 week period taking 5ug your vitamin D levels would only increase by 4%...

So, just like the natural world, the immune system is the natural power we have inside of us and it needs 8 weeks to get prepared. Winter is coming, nature is prepping and so should you.

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