I thought I was healthy

I’ve been there, done that, and didn’t get the t-shirt. What I got from suboptimal health and nutrition (despite a healthy lifestyle) wasn’t a t-shirt. Instead, I got colds, missed opportunities and felt fed up. I even started popping the vitamins, thinking surely they’ll do what everyone says they will. Won’t they? But I got lost in a swamp of rattling vitamin bottles and a sense I was adding in more nasties with no discernible health progress.

I wanted to find the truth

Not the marketing spiel of the supplement industry, not the RDA of various supplements woefully out of date and just designed to prevent rickets. I wanted more life. So, I gathered my Tonic team, and we hit up scientific journals and reports. We dug deep, we broke boundaries, and we unearthed a mountain of immunity, nutrition and wellness truth.

The solution is simple (but going it alone is not)

Science matters. But when that's translated into real-life action on your daily wellness journey, you become a cropper. You need a veritable feast of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and plant extracts with no added junk to get what you need. And one single product that does that when you need it didn't exist. And you’ve not got your own lab or time. It's too complicated and fraught with mistakes to take a one-person stand against nutrition. So we created our Tonic Health all-in-one solutions.

No nasties, no worries

There are no compromises when it comes to nutritional health. Getting the good stuff (and not enough of it) while ingesting the bad stuff just isn’t good enough. So, when you choose Tonic, you know that you’re taking what we want our loved ones to take. Optimal max strength nutrition with no sugar, sweeteners, fillers, or weird pronunciations. Just good, honest, natural ingredients you can absorb. We wanted to do all this while being kind to our planet and communities. So that’s what we did.

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Believe in the Tonic You

And then you guys got in on the act. You found us and trusted us. You cut through the noise to find our Daily Immunity. Then you loved the side-servings of extra help when you needed them: Boost Immunity, Recover and Night Time Immunity Drinks. And then you still wanted more truth, but you needed it your way to fit in around a hectic life. So Tonic Truth was born. We put the truth out there, so you don’t need to wade through the nutritional forest.

Let’s get healthy

And we've not stopped there. Answering your call, we decided to take the good concepts of the supplement industry and ditch the stuff we hate. Enter our vitamin gummies. We love the simplicity of a two-a-day gummy, but we want only good stuff hitting our bodies and potent doses. So, we created the first No Sugar and No Artificial Sweetener gummy that actually means no sugar. And no junk too.

The Tonic-ally sonic future

Truth isn't a one-hit wonder, and neither is nutrition. That's why our quest never ends. We're still learning and uncovering the truth. We're still navigating you around the non-nutritional treacle of the supplements, health and wellness industries. We’ll keep finding the simple solution when others make it complex. We’re one of you. We’ll keep it simple and sound. Always

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