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Tonic’s new partnership with Thriva on the 8-week Immunity Challenge has got everyone pretty excited. So much so that some of the team at Tonic wanted to take part in it. To give you more detail into the challenge, you get an 8-week supply of Tonic High Dose Immunity Drink, 2 Thriva blood testing kits (one for before and after) and an 8-week diet, exercise and lifestyle plan to help you incorporate healthier habits. Click here to find our more.

Emma from marketing and Dara from Finance & Logistics will be documenting some of their journey doing the 8-week Immunity Challenge on the Tonic social media channels so make sure you’re following us on there to stay updated with their progress. They have each written a short statement on why they were so keen on taking part in the 8-week Immunity Challenge.


One of my life mottos has to be everything in moderation. I eat well, exercise 4 times a week and don’t really drink but I definitely love my sweet treats and greasy food from time to time. I sometimes ask myself, are all my efforts enough? Could I be doing something more to improve my health? I don’t know what is going on in my body which is why I am so excited to have the opportunity to take part in this 8-week Immunity Challenge to actually measure my Vitamin D and CRP levels beforehand. That way I can see if incorporating healthier habits can improve them and in the long run I can better understand how to improve my overall health.

Having collaborated on creating the 8-week diet, exercise and lifestyle plan, it never crossed my mind that I would be actually doing it. So this will definitely be an interesting experience to say the least but I am so excited to kick start it off and take the challenge head on!


On the one hand, I consider myself quite a health-conscious person and I really do like taking care of myself, whether that’s by trying to get my 10’000 steps in on as many days as possible, getting enough sleep, or including plenty of vitamins and probiotics in my diet. On the other hand, I can also be quite lazy at times; if I miss a few days of my exercise routine, I can find it hard to get back into it, and I don’t cook from scratch as much as I’d like to. I also eat cake on at least a weekly basis.... I don’t drink sugary drinks or and have next-to-no caffeine in my diet, so that cancels out, right?!

I’m excited about the idea of the 8-week Immunity Challenge for a few reasons. I’m definitely interested to find out what my vitamin D and CRP levels are at before I start out, and also to experience and measure first-hand the effects of small changes to diet, lifestyle, and exercise once I’ve completed the 8 weeks. I’m hoping also that I find some of the changes so beneficial that they become part of my regular routine, though there might also be a few that I decide never to try again... either way, I enjoy a challenge!


Want to know more about who Thriva are and their blood testing kits? Click here to read more on their website.

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