You've most likely heard us harp on and on about how 74% of the UK has sub-optimal vitamin D because we know how much it drastically affects your immune health. So, Tonic has partnered with Kiweno, the world’s first rapid vitamin D testing kit to give you the opportunity to test your immune health and get a result in just 15 minutes. 

Tonic Health and Kiweno Vitamin D test

The Kiweno app guides you through the simple test procedure: a small amount of blood is enough for your phone to analyze your vitamin D level. The concentration of vitamin D (25-OH-D) in your blood is measured, which causes the test strip to react in colour so that the smartphone can display the result. No more waiting for results and faff with posting kits. This information enables you to take your health into your own hands and optimise your immune health.

To ensure that you get the most out of the Kiweno rapid kit, you can also send your result to our in-house nutritionist, Emma Mckie, who can then recommend how to get your vitamin D to optimal levels if they aren’t already.

Kiweno test kits are now available on their own for only £30 or as an * week immunity challenge with 2 month's supply of Tonic's High Dose drinks for £85.

And because you are here, we are giving you £5 off your first test kit or bundle. 

Code ‘DTEST5’ at checkout. 

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