What's Actually in Our Vitamins 👀

What's Actually in Our Vitamins 👀

vitamin bottles full of sugar


86% of Americans take a multivitamin everyday with little to no improvement 😳 perhaps because over 50% of their ingredients are made up of sugar, artificial sweeteners, fillers and bulking agents that can actually block nutrient absorption. It comes as no surprise a staggering 74% of Americans still suffer from nutrient insufficiencies, with 81% of US children and adolescents and a staggering 95% of US adults are not reaching their estimated average requirement of Vitamin D intake.  

Gummy vitamins are now the preferred type of vitamin worldwide and are naturally popular among children. They're like a little treat that makes taking our daily supplements more enjoyable. But have you ever stopped to think about the amount of sugar in these supposedly health-boosting sweets? 🍬 🧐 

The Sugar Paradox in Gummy Vitamins  

It's no secret that traditional gummy vitamins are loaded with sugar. Right there, at the top of the ingredients: SUGAR, maybe even in multiple formats under different names, it’s confusing 😵‍💫 Many of these products can have 70-80% sugar or up to 2tsp per gummy, that is a lot!

Yes, they taste delicious, but the excessive sweetness raises eyebrows when we consider the health-conscious intention behind taking vitamins. After all, sugar and its potential negative effects on our gut microbiome and general health, seem at odds with the pursuit of wellness. 


Sugar on Nutrient Absorption  

Believe it or not, that tasty sugar in gummy vitamins can interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients. When we consume excess sugar, it creates a hostile environment in our bodies that hinders the absorption of vitamins and minerals. No wonder so many vitamin takers are still under their RDI’s when the products we take to help us are actually doing more harm than good.  

One prime example is vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant is known for its immune-boosting properties. However, sugar has been shown to irritate the gut, jeopardising digestive function and nutrient absorption. So, while we think we're doing something good for our health, the hidden sugar in many vitamins is limiting the very benefits we seek 👀  


Fortunately, We’ve Got the Solution 😉  

Tonic Health’s sugar-free vitamin alternatives.  Our innovative supplements have been formulated with the following in mind 🤩 


  • We use beetroot fibre instead of sugar as a primary ingredient. This natural alternative, eliminates the harmful effects associated with sugar consumption. 


  • Not only do we not add sugar to our vitamins we don’t supplement them with artificial sweeteners, fillers, junk or bulking agents which many other gummies do to get around not having any sugar. Artificial sweeteners are synthetic sugar substitutes and are found in thousands of products across the UK, they are heavily processed and are often much sweeter than sucrose (table sugar), for example saccharin is a remarkable 200-700 times sweeter than sucrose. Not only does this make them hard for the body to break down it has the potential to change our tolerance for sweet things. The chemical reaction we get from eating something sweet is addictive you see.  


  • Our gummies boast 3 x higher doses of essential nutrients compared to other products on the market. Ensuring individuals can meet their daily nutritional requirements more effectively.   


  • We did taste tests with panels of adults and kids to deliver a flavour your kid will beg for everyday and will ensure you won’t forget to take your vitamins. 


At Tonic, we’re here to rewrite your health, by adding the facts. We deliver you the truth and aim to re-educate you on what good multivitamins can do to make a real difference to your health. Start reading labels and identifying reputable brands that offer no added sugar vitamins like us 😉 Understanding dosage recommendations and incorporating these supplements into your daily routine will further amplify their effectiveness. Alternatively check out our Instagram or TikTok if you haven't already, where we explain all the above, plus cut through the 💩  


Check out our latest range of vitamin gummies for both adults and children here and start investing in your health today 🙌 



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