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Sunna- The founder of Tonic Health

My story of more uptime and less downtime is the origin story of Tonic. I was working in the city and like most people was living my life to the fullest. Working 10 hour days, playing sports 4x a week and socialising. But it started to get the better of me. I was getting a cold or flu 3-4x a winter and it meant I was missing key work meetings that I really didn’t want to miss as a young career go-getter. 

So I started reading about the immune system and making my own concoctions in my kitchen with plants like lemon and ginger and added high dose vitamins. What I found amazed me. I found that at the first sign I could kick out a cold within one to two days without ever getting really bad. This was game changing to me as I didn’t miss a day of work and I could carry on. The power of this is what led me to launch Tonic 4 years later.

But ultimately I didn’t want to miss out on big meetings important to my job. Because life is amazing whether your focus is your career, your family or friends. We all have our reasons and I wanted people to experience the amazing power of good immune health. 

Emma- Nutritionist

Having more uptime to me boils down to enjoying all the finer things in life.  The feeling of waking up and actually feeling refreshed, ready to take on the day ahead. The feeling of going to the gym and actually looking forward to it and smashing the workout. It’s the joy you feel when you are keeled over laughing with your friends till your belly hurts. And I’ll tell you what it’s not, it’s not having to cancel your friend's birthday because you’re lying in bed all bunged up with a raging headache, contemplating the times you didn’t have to cough every 5 minutes. True story and I guarantee we’ve all been there! 

Before my journey of taking high dose vitamins, I would suffer from tonsillitis around 4-5 times a year and get urinary tract infections (UTI) on the regular and guess what that meant? Many birthdays, outings and opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest were missed. But I am so glad to say that after doing extensive research on the science and studies behind vitamins in preventing illness, I have now incorporated high dose vitamins into my daily routine and I haven’t had tonsillitis or a UTI since. This is how I plan to continue living life, with a lot more uptime. 

Dr Gemma- GP

I have been working as a GP for 10 years now and the fulfilment I get from helping my patients never gets old. One thing I have always noticed is that so many patients come in sick from the common cold or flu with worries about bringing it home and getting the rest of the family sick. As a Doctor it is my responsibility to know what the latest research says in order for me to do my job in treating patients. So, I did some digging because I thought, surely there has to be a way to avoid this?

After doing a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that all doctors should be trained in basic nutrition because nature has provided us with what we need to prevent unnecessary illness; powerful plants. Vitamins and minerals from plants are essential for prevention of illness as they fuel your immune cells for the fight and they also help speed up the recovery process if you’re unwell.

I am glad to know what I have learned about utilising the incredible power of our immune system which helps my patients and their families live life to the fullest. To me, that’s more uptime.

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