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We believe life should never be slowed down by things are body can naturally fight. Because life is amazing and missing out sucks.

The problem is, we live in a world where there are many things that are creating an environment for us to experience more unnecessary illness. To name a few of the big offenders:

  • Cold & flu drugs: they block our biochemistry and stop our immune system from doing its thing. Hint: Read the side effects leaflet in a pack of Lemsip and be shocked when you read it reduces your white blood cell count!
  • Sanitizing everything: this is a big and controversial one, but hand sanitizer use in the long run will limit our interaction with good bacteria and viruses that help train our immune system and make it stronger. Washing you hands with soap is much better than sanitizer.
  • Lack of sunlight: you’ve heard me harp on about the importance of vitamin D before but our constant indoor lifestyle has even led to sunny nations like India experience 80% of their population being Vitamin D deficient due to the amount of time indoors. The UK deficiency rate is estimated to be 74% in winter.

So, using the greatest science the earth knows…our bodies doing their thing… we are here to help with our high dose health because there’s never been a better time to not be unwell.

We are trying to do our part but sharing some of the mind-blowing science and progressive understanding of our world, so you can make better choices, stay healthy and recover faster.


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