There are few parts of the human body that play a greater role in ensuring all-round health and wellbeing than the immune system. This vast network of cells and tissues has the task of fending off all those bacteria, viruses, parasites and other assorted ‘nasties’ that could otherwise cause you harm. So, you should care about keeping your immune system in fine fettle.

Here at Tonic Health, we know a thing or two about the immune system. After all, we offer products that have an excellent track record of supporting immunity, such as our Daily Immunity Effervescent Drinks.

But it’s one thing to know the ways to support your immune system, and another thing to know how to check immune system health. Luckily for you, we’re going to put the microscope over both things in this blog post.

Strategies to improve your immune system: #1, eating well

There are many good reasons to want to improve immune system effectiveness. It might seem as if you are constantly coming down with niggling little colds and viruses. Or you may simply be more conscious these days – as we all are – of the threat posed by viral pandemics. In that case, you might want to know how you can help reduce your risk, whether of COVID-19 or whatever the next worrying virus outbreak may be.

Well, here’s one potential strategy to start you off: getting your nutrition right. It’s important to point out that simply eating the right foods isn’t something that will strictly “improve” immune system response; instead, the emphasis should be more on what will support your immune system’s functioning.

Nonetheless, a healthy and varied diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, and dairy products or fortified alternatives – as well as meat, fish, or plant proteins such as pulses – will aid your quest to keep your immune system ‘fighting fit’.

Strategies to improve your immune system: #2, exercise

The better your body is able to defend itself against the various dangerous pathogens and substances it encounters each and every day, the better you are likely to feel and look. In short, whether directly or indirectly, you can expect your entire life to improve, when you take steps to help improve immune system response such as… exercise?

Yes, you read that right: working out regularly is known as a potentially great way to support immune health. It does this in several ways; it is believed, for example, that moderate-intensity exercise can increase the circulation of immune cells in the body, thereby helping to better prepare the body for future infection. In addition, exercise can help you sleep better, which allows you to avoid compromising your immune system response through poor sleep.  

Speaking of sleep, there are certain vitamins that might help improve your chances of a restful slumber, which in turn, brings us onto the next point in this blog post…

Strategies to improve your immune system: #3, taking supplements

It’s understandable why a lot of people look to supplements, and consider which ones they could take to help enhance their immune system’s ‘combat effectiveness’ against the various nasties out there. You might be especially likely to seek out supplements during the winter, when the cold and flu can be a pressing concern. But of course, it’s something important to think about even outside of the coldest and wettest months of the year.

With our own supplements and bundles here at Tonic Health, we present you with a broad choice of options for doing everything possible to support your immune health. We make available a bulk value pack of our daily Immunity Drinks, for example, and even a great-priced ‘Ultimate Pack’ offering more than two months’ support to your all-round health and immunity.

Strategies to improve your immune system: #4, blood tests

So far in this article, we’ve focused a lot on how to improve immunity, but not so much on the ways you might check immune system health. Well, you might not know how a blood test could detect your levels of natural immunity biomarkers. This could leave you better informed on where your immunity might presently be weak, so that you can take steps like the above to address it.

While we’re on the subject of immune system test options, did you know that we have vitamin D testing kits in stock in our online store? Kiweno rapid vitamin D tests are available for just £30, and allow you to determine – in just 15 minutes at home – whether your body’s vitamin D levels might be in need of improvement.

Keeping an eye on your immune health will best help you improve it

It might seem almost too obvious a point that if you have a way to check immune system health like the testing kits we mentioned above, you will be in a better position to know what to do next. But it’s true!

And here at Tonic Health, we’re dedicated to doing what we can to enable you to support your immune system. Check out our online store today to discover the wealth of options, or click through for more insight into how you can improve your immune system naturally.

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