Health on a budget? 

Times are tough at the moment, as the UK is currently going through a crisis where cost of living is becoming extremely stressful and is a cause of huge anxiety for people and families. 

At Tonis we are all about promoting a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well because we are also facing a health crisis that has been getting worse every year. So, whilst keeping both these issues in mind, we have gone to the aisles of Lidl to bring you a healthy shop for 1 person for 1 week, breakfast, lunch and dinner for under £40 (non-vegetarian).

We have tried to choose a range of good fats, proteins and carbs because they are all necessary for fuelling your body with what it needs to be healthy. We’ve written the list of ingredients below and how much they cost so why not save this and try it out on your next shop?

Shopping List: 


  • Blueberries £1.59
  • 3x yoghurt 1kg  £3.75
  • Granola low sugar  £1.69

Lunches & Dinners

  • Tuna steaks frozen £3.29
  • 12 Organic eggs £3.98
  • Potatoes £1.59
  • Peppers £1.16
  • Beans no sugar £2.89
  • Cheese £1.49
  • Lamb rump 1kg £10
  • Chicken drumsticks £2
  • 2x pulse / rice pack £1.80
  • Tomatoes 0.99p
  • Rocket 0.60p


  • Organic apples £1.99

Total= £38.81

Watch the full video here, where we go round Lidl doing a shop for under £40 for the week.

Weekly Lidl shop on a budget under £40

Is buying organic necessary?

Wonder if you need to splash out on organic food or not? Well, the answer is you don't actually need to buy all your fruit and vegetables because not all of them are sprayed with the same amount of pesticides. We've listed what foods you don't need to buy organic so you can save yourself some cash. Read the blog here.
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