Meet Bridget Hancock, Tonic's Nutritionist ✨

Meet Bridget Hancock, Tonic's Nutritionist ✨


We are very excited to announce, that Bridget Hancock of Bridget Louise Nutrition has joined Tonic as Senior Nutritionist. She lives and breaths everything health and nutrition just like Sunna, and has over 10 years experience working with patients with chronic diseases. Together, they will dive deeper into small changes you can make every day, and address lots of your questions from a nutritional- and research-driven perspective 😊. Watch out for her videos on TikTok.


Who is Bridget?


So, let's get into it.  Bridget earned a BSc in Pharmacology and Physiology in her native Australia and then went on to study naturopathic nutrition at College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. That means, she understands how the body and how drugs work, and how nutrition can be a conduit or an offensive move. She treats clients with chronic health issues around the world, but mostly based in London and will publishing a book on aging disease-free this autumn. More on this to come ....


In her practice, she has seen how diet and lifestyle can influence and even extend longevity and reverse illnesses. Often patients who are diagnosed with auto-immune diseases, chronic digestive issues, and even cancers are given drug protocols as possible relief or hope, but Bridget knows that so much more can be done. Most importantly for Tonic and really anyone, she has developed practical protocols that address imbalances and deficiencies that lead to optimal nutritional equilibrium and even chronic illnesses reversal. It's less daunting that in sounds ... but does require a small dose of self-discipline. 


How did it all start for Bridget? 🤩


Often it all starts with what we learned a children. Bridget was taught that a nutritious foods and regular exercise would keep her vigorous and happy. She even traveled the world as a young graduate with her juicer in her bag from the Middle East, through the Mediterranean to the UK learning about local food culture.  Quite amazing, as this was the 1990s when juicers were far from mainstream.


Fast forward 10 years and her story changed. She was married with 2 young children, worked full-time in fashion, and juggled many priorities -- while her juicer and any healthy personal health routines gathered dust. In 2006, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 chronic kidney disease. This was a shock and a wake-up call all in one -- with possible life long dialysis and a potential kidney transplant as a last resort. That was not going to happen to her and she took matters into her own hands, used what she had learned at Uni, read up on studies, created nutritious protocols for herself, tried and tested ... and succeeded. Over time, she not only recovered but her organs returned to optimal function. 


From one to many


After all this, she saw no sense in doing anything else besides nutrition and wanted to share her experience and help others struggling with wellness. Bridget formalised her knowledge and trained for three years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London. 

During this time, she worked alongside Dr. Xandria Williams, whose work in the field of alternative cancer treatment and the positive effects of Naturopathic Medicine Treatment is recognised around the world. In the clinic she worked with many cancer patients who were suffering the physical and mentally painful side-effects of chemotherapy and designed individual dietary and lifestyle programmes for them. This was the start of her Bridget Louise Nutrition practice. 


If there is one thing she has learned, is that our bodies and minds are powerful. It's a matter of focusing on healthy food choices and creating positive nutritional and behavioural patterns for our bodies and souls to thrive.


More about Bridget ...

I advise my clients to be conistent and follow this prescription my self.  My weekly shop always includes bananas, watercress and blueberries, to add to my morning smoothies, kimchi, rocket, avocado, chickpeas or lentils to add to my lunch time buddha bowls and carrots, celery and seasonal veg for evening soups or curries.  


I believe in eating a Mediterranean diet with a little fresh fish and a little pasture raised meat, lots of fruit, vegetables, some whole grains, nuts and seeds.  


Maybe try this yourself ... and watch out for my videos. 

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