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  • The Beginning of Harnessing the Immune System

The essence Tonic Health, a natural remedy to support our immune system, was passed to Founder Sunna Van Kampen cup after cup, year after year, with every cold and sickness bug – lemon and honey in hot water made by his mother. From a young age Sunna was surrounded by natural remedies, but instead, his interest was somewhere else… charging his parents a small 2p toll on their staircase, just for passing through.

  • Where Did the Idea for Tonic Health Start?

Whilst working in the corporate finance industry, Sunna would catch a cold three or four times a winter. With a busy schedule and social life, the symptoms of a dreaded cold were not only horrible to deal with but cost valuable time. All the cold and flu solutions on the market were designed only for symptomatic relief – not a single product helped your body to recover.

Developing and honing in on the entrepreneurial spirit that began on the staircase of his parents’ home, Sunna decided to create a product that would be both natural and backed by studies, to support the immune system in times of need.

  • Our Immune System is our Power

One of the most powerful weapons against an attack from a virus, or a common cold, is the immune system, this was vital to forming Tonic Health. Sunna began to self-experiment with natural ingredients known to aid the immune system, such as ginger, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D. Over a period of time, Sunna says that he managed to shorten the duration of his colds, eased his symptoms and reduced the amount of colds he would have during the Winter season - thinking he could help others to do the same.

  • Harnessing the Immune System

Equipped with this knowledge and seeing a gap in the market for a natural remedy, Sunna embarked on a mission to champion the immune system and help people lead more productive lives…with Tonic Health. Tonic Health is the strongest, yet most natural, vitamin drink on the market with the highest doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc plus plant extracts.

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