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First things first. we need to lay some ground rules. We can’t mention the C word. Big pharma has the monopoly on it so we aren’t even technically allowed to talk about it. But hey, we believe in the power of science and don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing the science… so that’s what we will do.

We spoke to Dr. Andrew Myers who wrote the book aptly titled ‘Simplifying the C*vid Puzzle’ with his co-author Dr Grace McComsey. Grace has authored over 270 peer reviewed publications and is the vice president of research at U.H health system in Cleveland Ohio. Andrew has been a physician since 1993 and is regarded as a world leading expert on supplementation and scientific substantiation.

The essence of the book which I read in a week because it was so fascinating goes into some of the latest science that’s been conducted over the last 18 months and into detailed biochemistry which clearly shows there is an important weapon in our armoury that we need to use alongside vaccines, hand washing and masks.

The book opens up with a simple quote by Dr. Andrew Myers and Dr. Grace McComsey that gets right to point “the stronger your immune function is, the better equipped your body is to fight infection and disease”. Sounds obvious but the fact that this hasn’t been part of the mainstream narrative and lockdowns actually making our immune function suffer as shown by studies that highlight how lockdowns drove up sedentary behaviour and reduced exercise.

They then go onto explain how the immune system performance is dependant on feeding and training which are often forgotten about. Feeding the immune system is exactly what you are doing when you take your Tonic regularly. The mechanisms in your immune cells are actually dependant on vitamins and minerals, without them, it’s like you are driving a car on an empty tank of full and it’s starts to splutter. It simply can’t go on without fuel.

The training aspect is often forgotten about and is incredibly interesting because your immune system needs to go to the gym, just like we all should. The only difference is your immune systems gym is the environment and the world of microbes around it. It needs to encounter regular bacteria, viruses and microbes in order to work out how to deal with them and train it’s defence systems.

To blow your mind and of course illustrate the point, during the pandemic there was a study by the annals of internal medicine which looked at different populations that had been fully tested to understand the differences in asymptomatic versus symptomatic cases. The study showed that some nursing facility residents in Kings County had as low as 6.3% of all cases asymptomatic which makes sense as they are often older with other health conditions that will hamper immune function. Take that into a healthier population like the USS Theodore Roosevelt Aircraft carrier crew that had an outbreak on board, they found that 58.4% of the population were asymptomatic showing that a younger age, exercise, and healthier diet all play an important role in immune function.

But where this study gets really blow your mind interesting is that they also fully tested a Boston homeless shelter and one in LA and the percentage of asymptomatic cases were 87.8% and 62.8% respectively which is incredibly high considering health isn’t usually at the top of their list of priorities. The reality is, the fact that they live outside and are regularly exposing their immune system to bacteria, viruses and microbes will train their immune system to be stronger.

So next time you are thinking about your immune health focus on fuel and training. The fuel or food for your immune system is vitamins and minerals. Dr. Andrew Myers and Dr. Grace McComsey demonstrate in the book how vital Vitamin D and also Vitamin K2 are to proper immune function. The science shows with these two powerhouse vitamins are at optimal levels in the body the risks to people can be greatly reduced. Get your Vitamin D from eggs, mushrooms, oily fish and of course Tonic. K2 is most abundantly found in dairy, fermented foods, and animal products.

In terms of the training, this get’s a bit harder like going to the gym at 6am before work. You have to get into nature, go outside, hug a tree or play in the dirt to expose your immune system to a wide variety of microbes. Also try to avoid using hand sanitiser all day long and only use it when you have to.

A study found, when they housed mice on clean bedding they were more susceptible to developing lung inflammation in response to an asthma-triggering allergen while the other group of mice had who had their cages sprinkled with potting soil were less susceptible. This has also been found in real life situations with higher levels in urban cities compared to traditional lifestyles in the country.

So as you can tell from the research Tonic’s next product might well be a soil sprinkle for your living room to help train your immune system, but if you don’t fancy that, enjoy the summer sun in the garden or a local park and get your hands dirty 😊

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