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Vitamin D works to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body. This is an important process, because these nutrients are paramount in keeping teeth, bones, and muscles in good shape!

If you’re not getting enough sunlight, or not eating foods rich in vitamin D, you may develop a deficiency in this nutrient. As a consequence, many people take vitamin D supplements to help improve health and wellbeing.

An increase in vitamin D intake is associated with improved resistance against certain diseases, stronger bones and teeth, healthy development, and better regulation of low mood.

Vitamin D is closely linked to immune function, and has been for many years. Here at Tonic Health, we’re passionate about helping you get the best out of your immune system, so that you can better protect yourself against disease.

As we adore talking about natural immunity almost as much as we love our natural vitamin D supplements, we’ve become expert in understanding the many potential benefits of vitamin D in the long term.

With that said, allow Tonic Health to enlighten you to the possible benefits of vitamin D supplements, so that you are better informed on how to improve health for a lifetime.

Boost your immune system

Undoubtedly, the first benefit to taking vitamin D is the scope it provides to better support the immune system. Without a healthy, thriving immune system, you may find yourself more prone to infection or illness. Protecting the good function of your natural immunity is paramount to maintaining health and wellbeing in the long term.

Vitamin D can help support the immune system through the activation of the “killer cells” in your body – otherwise known as T cells. These cells are the most determined defenders against outside pathogens in the body! Foreign pathogens often carry illness and disease, whether that’s bacterial or viral. T cells devise an immune response to help protect you.

The right vitamin D supplements can help nurture your natural immunity for the better. We believe in your body’s ability to protect itself, and by powering it with natural products, you can be better protected against the worst that could happen. Our Daily Immunity Effervescent Drinks, for example, can help provide a potent boost.

Daily Immunity Drink

Improve your respiratory system

The health benefits connected to the intake of vitamin D are plentiful. They can include helping to improve your respiratory system, with studies having suggested that vitamin D can enhance natural defence mechanisms against respiratory pathogens. This could reduce your chance of respiratory infection, such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

However, the respiratory system isn’t the only bodily system that vitamin D can support. Your circulatory system can also be served by vitamin D supplements that play a significant role in protecting the heart. And with regard to the reproductive system, vitamin D supplements have been suggested as a means of reducing the painful physical and psychological symptoms of PMS.

Strengthen your muscles

A recent study has presented an interesting link where people with higher muscle mass also tend to present with higher levels of active vitamin D. And this potential link between vitamin D intake and stronger muscles could be particularly important as you age.

It is thought that the right concentration of vitamin D, obtained with the help of products like our own Daily Immunity drinks, could therefore greatly help the development of the muscles. Our understanding of vitamin D is developing on an unprecedented scale, and the health benefits to muscle function are only the beginning.

Look after your oral health

Vitamin D helps our body absorb calcium, and this is accepted throughout the scientific community. In fact, vitamin D is the “glue” that your body requires in order to absorb calcium and maintain a healthy balance in the blood.

As teeth are made from calcium, it’s not a far reach to suggest that a healthy amount of vitamin D could help lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease! The right supplements could greatly help ensure vitamin D is always in healthy supply in your body, thereby protecting and looking after your oral health.

Dental health

To conclude…

We’ve looked at how vitamin D could help boost your natural immunity, improve your respiratory system, strengthen your muscles, and protect your teeth.

At Tonic Health, we recognise these benefits and strive to help people like you unlock these benefits through the use of the right products. With our range of organic products being kind to your body, and extending beyond our usual vitamin D supplements into effective Night Time Immunity drinks and beyond, we work to ensure you do everything possible to support your health.

Do you have any queries about our products? If so, contact us today. Whether through email or mobile, we’re easily reached for any enquiries. Otherwise, feel free to discover the latest and greatest contained in the Tonic Health online store!

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