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Why a common cold doesn't need to be a common problem anymore.

Staying healthy isn’t as hard as you think. The problem is, we often don’t look after our immune system with 74% of the UK having compromised health.

Tonic is all about empowering you with simple science, natural plants and vitamins to stay well. Because life is amazing and missing out sucks.
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Your body is insane. Power it with nature and you’re a force to be reckoned with.
Forget about sugars, nasties, chemicals and fillers. Our drinks are full of clean ingredients and high impact nutrients. Drink it up for ultimate absorption - it’s the super-fuel your body has been waiting for!

Tonic Daily Immunity Effervescent Raspberry and Lemon Vitamin C, D, and Zinc Tablets for immunity

We’ve got ultimate respect for medics, but we ask questions too. Like, what’s do we need every day vs every now and then? We put honesty, research and a bit of healthy scepticism first.

Tonic Health Daily Immunity on a bed of Orange, Mango and Passionfruit

One poor immune system, thousands of scientific papers, seven years of talking to doctors and immunologists. That’s how we learnt about immune health that actually works. Everything we’ve done has proof - you can read it here.


Meet the Experts

Sunna Van Kampen Tonic Founder
Sunna van Kampen
CEO, Founder & Biohacker

I used to spend every winter with a constant cold, missing out on life and work. As I began to research, I found the products we rely on aren’t what they seem.

I talked to leading figures in the medical industry and spent thousands of hours buried in scientific papers. What I found was too important not to share. With better immune health we can banish sick days and live life.

Dr Gemma Newman, Tonic Health
Dr. Gemma Newman
Broadcaster, Author, Holistic Health Specialist

I’m a passionate believer in good nutrition. It’s key to keeping us fit and healthy. But life’s busy and it can be hard to get the levels of vitamins, minerals and plants that we need. Tonic is the perfect answer, a drink that combines taste and vitality.

Emma Mackie Tonic Health Nutritionist
Emma Mckie
BSc in Biological Science, MSc in Clinical Nutrition

I’ve got degrees in Biology and Clinical Nutrition and I’ve always believed in the power of the human body. I want to help others harness the strength of their immune system and Tonic is packed with high impact vitamins, minerals and plants to do exactly that.

Tonic Health Daily Immunity Raspberry and Lemon

Our high impact, tasty drinks were born from a blocked nose and a makeshift science lab in Sunna’s kitchen. Through years of research and testing (in real labs) we made our Tonic Health drinks clean, natural and plant-powered for max absorption.

View of Trees in the forest green and sustainable

You've heard the stats on ocean plastic. Tonic partners with recycling companies to get rid of twice as much plastic as we to produce whilst trying to remove plastic from our supply chain.

We're also carbon negative and seriously plant-positive!