A high-dose vitamin drink to fuel your natural immune health. It’s plant-powered and packed with vitamins including A, C, D and Zinc.

It’s high dose, high impact and made as a drink for max absorption. We only use clean ingredients and combine them for the best effect.

As a daily dose to fuel your immune system, a boost at the first sign of feeling less than your best or super dose for recovery if you are under the weather. Tonic goes to work with your natural defences for max impact.

It’s packed with 50% more vitamin C than your average vitamin tablet. Studies show your immune system and vitamin C have a pretty close, personal thing going on and when you are fighting an infection you need even higher doses to fuel the fight.

Basically, the essential molecules your body needs to do its thing. Poor vitamin intake, poor health.

Well, that depends on the vitamin. Water-solubles like vitamin C or riboflavin just pass through your body. Fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K could build up to an overdose, but not with Tonic. Even taking 2 of our Super Doses is way below the threshold of 250ug.

Nearly. You need to be 4 years or over to use it.

Everyone’s different. Even though Tonic is all-natural, the best thing to do if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding is talk to your doctor first before you take it. 

All our drinks are vegetarian. Our Elderberry & Blackcurrant, Cherry & Chamomile and the Daily Immunity range are all vegan.

As a guide, we’d say one sachet or effervescent tablet a day.

No. We keep it natural and add a touch of stevia for a sweet little edge.

The fancy name is ‘steviol glycosides’. It’s a natural sweetener from the stevia plant, approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

We’re into prevention, recovery and natural immune support first. Paracetamol will ease your symptoms but it won’t necessarily help you recover.

Go to the online shop or head to one of our high street stockists. For any questions, email us hello@tonichealth.co or find us on Instagram @Tonichealth.

Standard shipping is 48 hours by Royal Mail Tracked or if you can’t wait, we do next day too.

Please refer to our shipping info for more details. 

Yes. Tonic is made to pharmaceutical grade by a top-of-the-line UK manufacturer that’s BRC, ISO 9001, SGS GMP, Informed Sport and FDA-registered.