Tonic is a high-dose vitamin drink packed full of Vitamins C, D and Zinc with real plant extracts. Utilising the power of nature to support the immune system, and drawing on the latest science, Tonic is designed to ensure that your body is fighting fit in times of need. Supporting your immune system can be essential, as described in our feature in The Telegraph here.

Our products are 50% stronger than comparable products. High impact and high dose, the right vitamins when you need them most. Tonic is triple action, combining the power of Vitamins C, D and Zinc to help you stay at your best.

At the first sign of feeling less than your best, or as a support for the immune system in times of need. Tonic’s blend of vitamins, mineral and plant extracts go to the source of your immune system's response and work with your natural defences.

Tonic Health is 50% stronger than comparable products in terms of vitamin C content. Most brands use 1,000mg while we use 1,500mg to provide a powerful high dose as studies have suggested that vitamin C has a dose dependant relationship with the Immune System.

Vitamins are molecules required by the body in small amounts for a variety of essential processes and they are often better in a drink. Find out why in our blog on the potential benefits of drinkable vitamins.

Nearly! It's for ages 4 and above only. 

All of our vitamin drinks are vegetarian. Our Elderberry & Blackcurrant product is the only product that is both vegetarian and vegan. In our Lemon & Honey, we use real honey flavouring, so this product is not vegan.

Guidelines recommend one sachet per day. Anymore than 2 grams per day of vitamin C has been shown to cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals. However, there is research on the benefits of higher doses of Vitamin C than one sachet here.

Real plants are mother natures best health support. They contain natural benefits that cannot be replaced by artificial ingredients, flavouring and additives. We use real lemon, ginger, elderberry and blackcurrant in varying doses across our range of vitamin drinks depending on the ones you chose to use.

No. We believe that when your body is in need, we should keep things as natural as possible. So we don't use artificial sweeteners – just real ingredients and plant-based steviol glycosides.

Steviol glycosides / stevia is a sweetener from the stevia plant that has been approved for use in foods and drinks by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Conventional products focus on relieving your symptoms, without necessarily helping you recover. We choose to support the body's natural defences to help maintain your health, and to focus on recovery over relief.

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Tonic Health products are produced in a top-of-the-line manufacturing facility in the UK that is BRC, IS0 9001, SGS GMP, Informed Sport and FDA certified, ensuring our products' quality to pharmaceutical grade.