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Tonic Health - Max Strength - Recover sachet and drink

Recover Immunity

£24 £27
£24 £27

Try our new and improved drinks!

Our unique blend of real lemon & ginger make it the perfect tonic for a fast recovery. A soothing cup of get well soon!

Whats inside:

  • Even more plant based vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & phytonutrients
  • High impact, all natural Vitamin B2, C, D and Zinc for recovery -  now with prebiotic fibre!
  • Real Lemon & Ginger - natural nutrients to fuel your recovery
  • No added Sugar, Fillers, Artificial Flavourings or Preservatives
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30 Drinks
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    Vitamin B2


    Energy provision
    Aid cell repair

    Vitamin C


    Immune support
    Iron function

    Vitamin D


    Immune support
    Calcium function



    Active antioxidant
    Cell maintenance



    Promotes gut health
    Immune support

    Galangal Root


    Reduce inflammation
    Antioxidant support



    Antioxidant support
    Aids detoxification



    Immune support
    Aids recovery

    Ready to feel better?

    When you're sick, recovery can be tough. Our lemon and ginger drink helps you feel better fast, without the sugar or anything artificial.

    Try our new and improved flavour!

    83% would recommend Tonic to a friend with lady holding tonic health flask in the sun
    More of what you need

    Tablets provide 25% nutrient absorption. Our drinks boost that upto 98%.

    Feel the Tonic difference


    Because we are an all in one show stopper. The full range of vitamins, minerals and powerful plant phytonutrients to fuel your days. So you don’t have to buy 11 different tablets.

    We're cheaper per gram of vitamin than anyone. Not to mention, we don’t bulk up our products with fillers and other harmful ingredients that most low cost vitamins do.

    Our Daily drinks are made to be taken... well…. everyday 365 days a year. We have just the right amount of vitamins, minerals and plants to keep you fuelled through the day.

    Our high impact Boost, Recover and Night drinks are for when you need a pick me up.

    Our DailyImunity drinks make for a refreshing cold drink to have in the morning or at lunch time.

    Our High Impact Boost or Recover can be had hot or cold while our Night time is best served as a hot, soothing cup before bed.

    Since we are all natural we fit into almost any diet, such as:

    - Keto
    - Vegan
    - GMO Free
    - Sugar free

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    We aim to fuel your day, not disrupt it!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Dianne D.
    Easy and convenient

    Although I've only started taking this recently I am already starting to notice increased focus and mental energy. Well worth taking the plunge with Tonic!

    Verified C.
    Tastes great

    Everything I need for a health boost in one easy to drink daily supplement.
    No more swallowing pills for me!
    Feeling good.
    Moving forward in good health!

    Louise H.
    We were all ill and this helped

    tasty and is easy to swallowpacked with various multivitamins

    Linda W.
    Good taste

    I purchased the sample pack because what a bargain!! I was amazed at the instant energy I had after it, such a game changer!!

    Verified C.
    Nice taste

    This box contains 30 x Immune Booster Sachets which are flavoured with Elderberry and Blackcurrant. I have been un lucky and am suffering from Long Covid a year after being first infected and I have had to take so many courses of antibiotics and steroids that my immune system has taken a bit of a beating. I was trying to find a good quality supplement to try to give my immune system a bit of a boost and found it with these high quality immune boosting sachets. To use, simply add the recommended amount of water and stir through or mix in a shaker cup. I have been taking one sachet at breakfast time as I find this helps to give my energy levels a bit of a boost throughout the day. The taste of these drinks is actually very pleasant - especially if you use ice cold water. I have noticed an increase in my energy levels and as I have finally finished taking antibiotics I am hoping these sachets will start to help rebuild my immune system. I would recommend these sachets for anyone who has been ill for some time as they may help you to bounce back a little.

    Verified C.
    Nice taste

    I am always really hesitant with vitamin brands so when the opportunity arose to be able to monitor its potential effects, I was all over it! The 8 week diet, nutrition and lifestyle plan was great in the sense that it slowly got harder and it gave really easy and accessible ways to incorporate healthier habits. My vitamin D levels went from 50nmol/L (suboptimal) to 90nmol/L (optimal) which I was so happy about and all I had to do was drink Tonic. Highly recommend it to any sceptics that think vitamin drinks don't work, the Tonic ones really do!

    A. D.
    Honey and lemon vitamin boost - better warm!

    I absolutely love tonic high dose night time immunity - the vitamin C works wonders, especially good for the days you have a sniffle and the magnesium calms the nervous system and with Valerian root sends me into sweet dreams. I have it warm and it is part of my bedtime routine after those hard work days!

    Verified C.
    Lovely honey flavour with good vitamins

    It's good hope to see improvement