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You’ve seen it on many of your favourite brands – the coveted blue and white badge that tells you a product is ‘Mumsnet Rated’.

Tonic Health just became the latest to join the club, after 130 Mumsnet reviewers tested our Elderberry & Blackcurrant drink and 81% said they’d recommend it to friends and family.

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We’re thrilled to be Mum-approved. But what’s really exciting is knowing that Tonic Health is the first product to get the nod.

The market for immune health products is hotter than ever. But with that attention comes a host of brands jumping on the bandwagon – from tea brands offering 40mg of vitamin C to cereals with a whiff of fortified vitamins. They all claim to help, but scratch the surface and you’ll find you’d have to drink 38 cups of tea and eat 72 bowls of cereal a day to support your body.

We’re determined to change things.

That means serious science. Natural, high-quality ingredients. No junk or added sugar. And a commitment to developing genuinely effective new products, backed by the best advice and evidence.

So, we’re off to celebrate. But before we go, let’s enjoy some of the kind words of our Mumsnet reviewers:

“I was impressed with the vitamin content. Ideal for boosting your immune system.”

“My husband had the beginnings of a cold which did not progress after using Tonic.”

“The flavour was delicious! I really wasn't expecting to enjoy it... This was like a very lovely fruit drink.”

“I would suggest this to friends as an alternative to Lemsip.”

“I seem to be constantly under the weather – but I swear this 'pepped me up’!”

“I'd definitely recommend it.... We were all a bit gutted when the supply ran out! It's more soluble than I thought and dissolves quicker than the tablet-style alternatives. It's something I'd be happy to take every day as a matter of course.”

Thanks Mums! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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