5 Ways to Reduce Fatigue During the (Very Tiring) Festive Season

5 Ways to Reduce Fatigue During the (Very Tiring) Festive Season


It’s the festive season which means the party season has well and truly arrived along with family gatherings, work dos, traveling up and down the country and friendly get-togethers. 


However along with the social season of the year it has also reached the end of the year leaving many of us feeling burnt out, low on energy and ready for a recharge.


So… to help you feel like the best version of yourself and make the most of the festive season we’ve put together our top tips for getting through the final festive push.


1. A sugar hack I think we can all agree that most of us go above and beyond are usual daily sugar intake but if you are feeling fatigued, keep on reading… According to the World Health Organisation, six teaspoons of sugar is the recommended daily amount for adults and every time we consume sugar, the body has a spike in insulin. This then causes our energy to plummet after the spike leaving you feeling sluggish and tired. So in order to prevent this, before you dive head first into Quality Street’s make a bee line for the cheese board or some festive nuts as the fat content will reduce your insulin spike.


2. Avoid overbooking and overcommitting yourself “Ask yourself, ‘Do I really want to go to or have to go to this event?’ There is no need for perfectionism with socialising and filling up your calendar. Not only is it draining your energy but constantly putting pressure on yourself, ‘I must do…’, ‘I should do…’ and ‘I have to do…’ isn’t healthy.


3. Take the right supplements If there were a pill you could take to beat that fatigue feeling, would you take it? The answer is probably yes, and the good news is that there actually are supplements you can take to support your energy levels. 


So here is what and how to pack in the nutrients you need to feel energised:


Vitamin C is crucial for a normal and healthy metabolism and low levels can quickly result in feelings of fatigue. Did you know the body cannot produce vitamin C by itself? Therefore you need to ensure you’re packing in enough vitamin C-rich fruits and veggies or taking a supplement. Our Daily Immunity contains 1000mg of vitamin which is the amount for “Optimal Health”


Vitamin D a common symptom of vitamin D deficiency is Low energy or fatigue. That's because vitamin D helps the mitochondria—the part of a cell that generates energy—using oxygen to power various parts of the body, including muscles. And did you know that 74% of us in the UK are Vitamin D deficient? That is because in October- March we have low Vitamin D season as we can’t get it from the sun so the NHS advice is that everyone takes a supplement. So why not try our high dose Immunity Gummies which provides 35mcg which is 700% of your NRV.


4. Hydration Hack Dehydration can make you feel drained. It’s essential for your energy levels to make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day (roughly 2-3L). An additional tip for when you're out for those festive drinks and getting through the glasses of mulled wine, alternate each festive alcoholic drink with a glass of water. 


5. Check In With Yourself It can be physically and mentally tiring, which we don’t always recognise until it’s too late. Before reaching the point of festive burn-out, it’s so important to schedule time to check in with yourself. If you’re feeling tired despite getting enough sleep, make time to eat and drink properly. It is also crucial where possible, to make sure you have time blocked out for you to decompress, relax and, most likely, get ready to go again!



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