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by Dara Winters on October 08, 2021

The Tonic Team is growing and this time we are welcoming a breakfast favourite to the tribe. Who doesn’t love a nice refreshing glass of orange juice in the morning? Well, your immune system doesn’t actually. With up to 30g of sugar per glass your immune system is getting a concentrated hit of a leading immunosuppressant which can actually block your body from absorbing vitamin C.

Introducing the healthy alternative. New Tonic Daily Immunity Orange, Mango and Passionfruit is a refreshing morning drink to get your day started of right and to turn on your health first thing. This delicious new flavour will become a household family favourite.

We’ve combined the same eleven powerful vitamins, minerals and plants as our Daily Immunity Raspberry and Lemon but in a delicious new flavour. Live is best served in full colour with variety and choice, so wanted to add another choice to your daily immunity routine and help you mix up the flavours.

This time you’ll also notice that it’s in a bigger 20x tube and the reason for this is so we can make the per tablet cost as cheap as physically possible to ensure we can help as many people as possible look after their immune health in these tough times.

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to pack effervescent tablets other than in the plastic tube, and even though it’s recyclable, we know it isn’t ideal. So, whilst we work with packaging manufacturers to find a more sustainable alternative, we already offset twice as much plastic as we produce by working with Repurpose Global to help remove plastic from our oceans and water ways. All our health stems from mother nature and without caring for our planet we simply can’t be healthy.

What makes our daily orange effervescent different from anyone else’s you ask? Well, it comes down to the fact you ultimately get what you pay for. Cheap no brand vitamin C effervescent at best have a 1,000mg of vitamin C with a load of artificial sweetener and chemical fillers.  This reduces your body’s ability to absorb the vitamin whilst also given it unwanted junk that it has to deal with.

Tonic is always no junk with and we use a little natural stevia as a sweetener combined with real plants to ensure your body is able to absorb the vitamins. We are also always an all-in-one giving you everything your immune system needs to stay fuelled and keep you protected. Frankly a product that claims immune support without Vitamin D, Zinc and plant nutrients is not really giving your immune health what it needs.

Want to know why Reishi Mushroom is our hero plant in daily orange, well read the seven benefits of Reishi mushroom.

If you want to try our new Daily Immunity Orange today, than use code ‘dailyorange’ at checkout for 20% off your first order.


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