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by Dara Winters on December 17, 2021

The American dream, the land of the free, the greatest nation on earth are common phrases associated with the USA and they rooted in the belief that freedom and capitalism can drive America to be the greatest country on earth. However, there is an unfortunate consequence to the system and America can also be described as the sickest nation on earth.

How can the greatest nation on earth also be the sickest? Well since the introduction of the dietary guidelines in the 1980s the data below tells a story.

USA Obesity increase since 1980

So why has health in the USA got so much worse since the introduction of healthy eating guidelines? Well, it’s down to how the system is set up. Large companies tend to fund science and reports which show their processed food products as healthy – Take Cereal as an example, a fundamentally sugar laden unhealthy way to start the day, yet the industry report claims how they are progressing their sugar reduction targets and are an essential breakfast staple. These reports are what the government read by in large and tend to get a warped view of the world.

In the USA from 1999 to 2018 there was $4.7 billion, an average of $233 million per year, spent on lobbying the US federal government. This leads to bad recommendations and the wrong outcomes for American’s health and the guidelines tell a story of company profitability and not consumer health.

Why is this so important to make America’s health great again? Well, to stay healthy and not get sick, mounting an appropriate immune response requires fuel (nutrients). But, if your fuel systems are faulty which we have seen above with high rates of obesity - your immune system won’t have the resources it needs to protect you and fight off infection.

So, with America in real need of some immune fuel, we wanted to help - which is why we are now available on Amazon.com in the USA with nationwide prime shipping and our USA version of our website will be launching soon. So, tell your friends, family, and loved ones that across the pond you can now get high dose health from Tonic and help keep your immune system fuelled this winter.

What’s more - the USA is part of our give £10 get £10 programme to help spread the immune health love worldwide and you could be in for an immune health treat too.


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