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The Tonic Science showing a 26% change in Vitamin D levels versus the placebo after just eight weeks of taking tonic daily.

We ran a placebo controlled study. Participants were asked to complete a baseline blood test. They were then sent eight weeks of Tonic and asked to take it every day for the duration of the clinical trial. We then retook the participants blood work at the end of the trial period. The results speak for themselves.

If you are interested you can read more about Pill vs Liquid nutrient absorption here - European Medicare study

Sunna van Kampen, The Founder of Tonic Health sitting next to his high dose max strength immunity range

This study is the first step in our research journey, we will continue to invest in more studies to continually build and optimize our formula to be the most effective all in one solution for your immune system.


Vitamin A from peach Tonic Health Ingredient photo

Also known as organic compounds retinol or retinoic acid, vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and is a strong antioxidant that is essential for vision and immune function.

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Vitamin C from lemon Tonic Health Ingredient photo

Also known as L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that unlike most animals, our body can’t make it or store it which is why it is essential we supplement it daily for immune health.

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Vitamin D from Lichen Tonic Health Ingredient photo

The sunshine vitamin, our bodies are able to synthesise this hormone from the sun. Vitamin D is vital for immune health. There’s a reason why cold & flu cases go up when we have less sunshine!

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Almond contain Vitamin E for Immune Health

A fat soluble antioxidant, vitamin E works to support the development, function, and regulation of macrophages and natural killer cells. Vitamin E is rich in seafood, nuts, and seeds.

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Glutathione from tomatoes Tonic Health Ingredient photo

This nutrient plays a huge role in many vital processes including immune function. Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cells caused by free radicals.

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Magnesium from sunflower seeds Tonic Health Ingredient photo

Magnesium helps you relax by reducing stress and promotes longer sleep which is why we use this mineral in our Night Time immunity drinks to help you rest and recover.

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Selenium from rice Tonic Health Ingredient photo

A little goes a long way when it comes to this less well known mineral. Selenium plays a vital role in thyroid function, metabolism and immune health and is a powerful antioxidant.

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Zin from seeds Tonic Health Ingredient photo

Zinc is a mineral that helps your immune system fight bacteria and viruses, it's needed for the synthesis of DNA, helps wounds heal and it is important for taste and smell.

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Elderberry on the vine Tonic Health Ingredient photo

Elderberry are the fruit of the sambucus (elderflower) tree and are packed with powerful flavonoids and anthocyanins that have been shown to reduce cold duration and symptoms.

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Ginger root - ingredient shot

Traditionally used for thousands of years in Eastern cultures, ginger is abundant in active compounds and polyphenols such as gingerols, shogaols and paradols which have profound health effects.

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Reishi mushroom Tonic Health Ingredient photo

Hugely popular in Eastern medicine for its health effects and immune health properties. It has been shown to support the genes in white blood cells, a critical part of the immune system.

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Valerian Root Tonic Health Ingredient photo

A calming natural plant root with potent qualities used to balance mood, ease anxiety and support restful sleep. Studies have shown positive effects on both sleep structure and sleep quality.

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