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Vitamin C

How to get more Vitamin C in your drink

Why is Vitamin C so important

Vitamin C is the powerhouse of the vitamin world. As well as having a large role in boosting our immune system, this abundant nutrient also helps us heal cuts and wounds faster, maintains the strength of bones and teeth, improves metabolism, keeps our skin and hair in tip top condition.
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body requires to keep it healthy and functioning normally.

Here at Tonic Health, we want to make hitting your goal for daily vitamin intake is something you can enjoy, so check out some of our Vitamin C drink recipes, packed with powerful fruits and plants, specially prepared by our team Tonic nutritionists.
Vitamin C Fun Fact

Did you know that goats can produce 13,000mg of vitamin C every single day? They also can’t get sick from the cold and flu virus… wonder why!

High Dose Elderberry and Blackcurrant Vitamin Drink
Want an easy way to get Vitamin C?

If you’re short on time but looking for a way to pack in more vitamins, try our Tonic supplements.
Our drinks are designed to keep you protected, boost energy and mood, and give you that immunity boost you need.
Plus it’s a lot easier than drinking 33 lemons, 14 eggs, half a kilo of sunflowers seeds and A LOT of plants.

Get Vitamin C