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Vitamin D

How to get more Vitamin D in your drink

Why is Vitamin D so important

We created a Vitamin D sachet drink mix, so you wouldn't miss out on the amazing benefits of this all-important Vitamin. Vitamin D has recently been in the spotlight and rightly so! Also known as the Sunshine Vitamin, it is a fat-soluble vitamin that our bodies make when we are exposed to the sun. But during the winter months when the sun become scarce and so does your vitamin D levels, which is why it is oh so important to supplement it during these times.
The more we learn about Vitamin D, the more we realise how important it is for the body to function optimally. Vitamin D, also referred to as calciferol, plays a pivotal role in aiding our immune system, but it’s also vital for the absorption of calcium and magnesium. This essential vitamin is also linked to your mood so next time you’re feeling a little blue, you may just need to up your vitamin D dose.

If you’re ready to get serious about your Vitamin D intake, take a look at our Vitamin D Drink Recipes below which are sure to make your body happy.
Vitamin D Fun Fact

Did you know that your body can store vitamin D? In the summer months when the sun is shining bright, we can get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D and the rest gets stored away for times we need it. But these stored supplies can run out pretty quick!

High Dose Elderberry and Blackcurrant Vitamin Drink
Want an easy way to get Vitamin D?

If you’re short on time but looking for a way to pack in more vitamins, try our Tonic supplements.
Our drinks are designed to keep you protected, boost energy and mood, and give you that immunity boost you need.
Plus it’s a lot easier than drinking 33 lemons, 14 eggs, half a kilo of sunflowers seeds and A LOT of plants.

Get Vitamin D