Put simply, because
the science says so!

Hundreds of studies have documented the dose-dependent relationship of vitamin performance, and the world’s leading cold and flu expert Dr. Harri Hemila has shown that the effectiveness of vitamins increases with dose when fighting an infection.

If you want to learn more about high dose vitamin C in action, peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ Open published Liu F et al.’s findings relating to the effect of vitamin C on respiratory illness. Similarly, the results of the pilot study by Zhang et al. looked at how vitamin C helped the ill in Wuhan. The study reports a (staggering) 80% improvement in the most ill who were given vitamin C, compared to placebo.

For those who are worried about the potential of taking too much, it’s worth noting that in the clinical studies on high dose vitamin C, participants are given significant doses of 5g+ a day (5,000mg) without issue, but for day-to-day consumption, the Safe Upper Limit per day is 2g (2,000mg). Tonic has 1.5g (1,500mg) of vitamin C in every sachet, 1200 IU of vitamin D (30ug), and 25mg of zinc making it the highest dose vitamin C, D and zinc on the market, and in our humble opinion, the most effective and delicious.

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How does this compare to RDA and NRV?

These systems are a great way to understand what the average person will need to take for disease prevention. RDA and NRV were designed with the prevention of diseases like scurvy in mind, but with very few of us spending months at sea, how we think about health has moved on considerably. We’re no longer content with treating deficiencies, or even being sufficient; instead we want optimal levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our diet.

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You can take Tonic Daily…well…everyday! Morning or night, at home or on-the go; it even makes for a refreshing workout beverage! Basically, anytime you have water, you can add Tonic for that added vitamin boost.