by Dara Winters on May 10, 2022

Tonic's mission is to help empower people to live their life free from the stresses of unnecessary illness. So today, we are celebrating you, our Tonic Tribe and sharing your stories.


Kayleigh (@kayleighslittlesquares)

Influencer holding Tonic

Since taking tonic daily my energy levels are sky high. I’m a busy working mum of two energetic boys who loves to train at the gym three times a week. Before taking tonic I wasn’t fueling my body with the vitamins it needed and I wasn’t able to be consistent with my training. I’ve now managed to be consistent and in turn has made my mood better too 🙌🏼

Paige P (@pamerwithp)

Influencer holding Tonic

Hey! I'm Paige, a busy mother, selfcare lover and wellness enthusiast. Immune health is important to me because I like to ensure I stay healthy all year round and help my body to tackle anything that comes its way!

I understand that looking and feeling good is all about taking care of your insides and Tonic is such an effective, no BS way of easily getting your daily immune system boost, and tastes so good! I am so happy to have found Tonic because their supplements are so much higher in quality compared to those being sold to us in the supermarkets, and I am learning so much about nutrition with their amazing videos and fake news! Such fantastic work!

Krish (@krishypics)

Influencer holding Tonic

Literally couldn’t live without my Tonic. I rely on Tonic to fuel my immune system which keeps me healthy so I can live my busy lifestyle! I love staying active by playing lots of football, going for runs and do lots of boxing and always saying yes to social plans on the weekend. Coming from a body builder background and winning the competitions I entered, I am so cautious of what I put into my body so the fact that Tonic has the highest active dose of vitamins, minerals and plants, has no artificial ingredients and has no added sugar it's the perfect solution. Thanks to Tonic, I'm able to live my life to the fullest!

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